Lotto Sport Italia is a leader in the production of sports clothing, footwear and accessories. Founded in 1973, the company began with the production of tennis shoes and football boots, and over the years has expanded its offerings both in the peformance area and streetwear. Lotto distributes its products in over 100 countries worldwide, and now has touched down on African Soil.

Lotto Sport Italia, has always committed itself to excellence in creating a great brand through Team Spirit, superior design and commitment to product innovation. It's success is supplemented by supporting great athletes. Lotto South Africa is following suit.

Lotto Sport is known for its high performance offering for all sports, especially football and tennis. It has also grown its range to accommodate the everyday sportsman, gym fanatic and the avid runner. with the evoluion of sport trends internationally lotto can now also be found on the catwalks with Lotto's capsule collection now a fashion statement.

As long as there is a ball hitting a soccer net, a tennis ball bouncing on a court, a runner passing the finish line, Lotto will continue to ignite the hearts and passion in sportsmen and women. It will continue its dedication to professional athletes and teams and the everyday sports fan. With a never-ending desire for research and develop for best technical but simple product for everyone....

In the words of the Italians - Sportivamente!


South Africa

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